We invite you to participate in our Bounty campaign — the opportunity to get the ZYX cryptocurrency for likes, reposts and creating various posts on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and your blog. Let’s talk about Instagram.

How does the campaign work?

Jaguar Crypto has reserved ZYX 75,000 of…

The liquidity of the cryptocurrency market ensures that the buy/sell transaction will be profitable and fast. We will tell you about liquidity and its advantages, as well as how to calculate it and what risks to take into account.

What is cryptocurrency liquidity?

Liquidity is the ability to buy or…

In ZYX, any active electronic device can be a node.

The node’s role is to maintain the network, distribute and store copies of block chains, and process transactions.

The node has three goals:

- compliance with the rules (consensus algorithms);

- up-to-date information (about transactions and the amount of funds);

Jaguar Crypto ENG

POS-mining ZYX network (up to 21% per month) Referral is not debited from the partner! Trade: BITFOREX. https://tapid.pro/jaguarcryptochannel_en

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