Network nodes: their functions and types

In ZYX, any active electronic device can be a node.

The node’s role is to maintain the network, distribute and store copies of block chains, and process transactions.

The node has three goals:

- compliance with the rules (consensus algorithms);

- up-to-date information (about transactions and the amount of funds);

- save copies of confirmed transactions.

Nodes make the blockchain system even more secure. So to carry out an attack, an attacker will have to synchronously change data in a huge number of nodes, since the ZYX nodes are synchronized. Therefore, even if a significant number of nodes fail, the remaining nodes will indicate an error. In addition, the larger the network becomes, the more nodes it has.

Also, synchronized nodes allow you to eliminate the possibility of a double-spending error, when the same coin can simultaneously participate in different transactions.

Types of nodes

There are different types of nodes, each of which is connected by one feature — the equipment for its placement or for connecting to other nodes.

There are nodes for mining new coins, web sites, archived, truncated, full, light, and others. ZYX Network uses full nodes and light client nodes.

Full nodes

Full nodes contain a complete copy of the blockchain history, including all blocks created. A full ZYX node can participate in the creation of new blocks (using forging). The owner of a full node can actively participate in the formation of the block chain, grouping incoming transactions into blocks and distributing them across the network.

The nodes of the light client

Light nodes or Simple Payment Verification (SPV) nodes contain only the data that is important to the node.

This allows you to save resources. Therefore, they are ideal for organizing a dedicated wallet for cryptocurrency.

In ZYX, such nodes allow you to generate transactions and track your wallet balance, without performing any unnecessary operations. This allows you to work on mobile devices or in your account on the ZYX Network Wallet website ( At the same time, to send transactions, it is enough to store the private keys that these transactions are signed with.

Users of the ZYX light client can receive rewards for supporting the ecosystem. This is possible due to the PoS mining algorithm, which provides a stable flow of new coins to the balance of light wallets.

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